ESWP3 - Embedded Software Principles, Procedures and Patterns

This project is about summarizing, referencing, structuring and relating principles, procedures (as sequences of patterns in a pattern language) and patterns in the context of embedded software engineering.

As “(P)atterns are only meaningful as part of a Pattern Language(.)” (Bergin 2013, pos. 74) this project tries also to “make” relations between different pattern languages and the higher-level principles “visible”.


1) I setup a new website which lists and references resources to learn about embedded system development on Feel free to visit and contribute to the project on GitHub by clicking on the “Fork me on GitHub” in the upper right corner of the main page.

2) I am playing around with some generic principle, pattern language and pattern mining project in my spare time here . Feel free to contribute and to join the journey of making pattern management public and as easy as possible.


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